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Choosing Joy when we Can't Change the Weather

It's still not Spring. 

In the past few years of early Spring I think I've gotten a bit used to the idea of lovely, Springy Aprils. Springs that coaxed the tulips out of the ground in March and had us doing yard work in April. Springs where the consistent heat melted an abundant late-winter dump of snow and guaranteed that our basement would flood by April 10th. 

Well. Here we are, April 8, and it was -23 the other morning. It snowed last night - just a little, but it snowed anyway. Of course, this is Alberta, and this does happen here. Usually. How quickly we forget.... how soon we adapt to a new 'norm' and are in turn surprised when things go back to the way they were.

You might not be surprised by this, but I have a bad memory. In fact, many of my memories are re-'mind'ed by photos. I am glad I take so many of them, or I might not remember anything at all. 

So I looked back at photos of this day over the past 7 years, and it looks like this week in 2018 is the n…

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