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The Beet Goes On.... a Gorgeous Salad

My garden is a gorgeous, weedy mess. After a really dry spring (NO rain in May), we finally got beautiful moisture in June. Everything sprung to life! Including the weeds. The problem is, it's been raining every few days, and hasn't dried out enough to weed the garden in between. But that's ok - tonight's supper salad was fresh from the garden (lettuce, lamb's quarters, chickweed, spinach, kale, chard, garlic scapes and onions) and everything's thriving alongside the weeds.  We're just starting to see baby garden beets here in Alberta, which always gets me excited for the fresh recipes my family loves... roasted with garlic, shaved into a salad, beet chips, and more. However, we're still enjoying the remaining few packages of beets from last year's garden, which are ready to go and really versatile.  When I harvest beets in the Fall, I always prepare the bulk of them for the freezer, preserving the fresh flavour for later. My favourite w

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