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Awesome Applesauce Bran Muffins

Spring is here!  It's so exciting to finally see the grass greening up. The birds have been enthusiastically chirping for a couple of weeks, but it was really only in the last week that I feel like it's actually the turn of a season.  The garter snakes have been out sunning themselves, you can hear the frogs, and the coyotes' call has changed.  And I swear we could SEE the trees sprout their leaves last week. A week ago Saturday was the annual ditch cleanup with the Knights of Columbus group, and I'm sure that I saw the world spring to life during the morning of walking along the highway. I'm happy, can you tell? Jim and I went for a walk the other night, down to the south pasture. We came upon a couple of coyotes, who weren't at all bothered by our presence but wanted to have a little visit with our dog Sasha. We watched as our sweet Lab/Pyrenees calmly sat about 20 feet from the two coyotes, everyone just observing. One of the wild ones wanted to talk, and did…

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