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A Fave Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl is right around the corner! 
We have a party every year. I don't usually manage to watch all of the game (sometimes I watch almost none of it), but I have an NFL-fan husband. Better still, the two of us together love to cook and entertain. Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity for us to share our love of good food with good friends, so we always throw a party. Last year, we had 67 guests crammed into our entertainment room and our "buffet room" (which spends the rest of the year as the library and LEGO room). Some of our friends actually come for the game, but many come strictly for the fabulous company, the funny commercials, and the fantastic food. 

Our buffet includes one main; whether that's ribs, pulled pork, or this year's plans for a delightfully chunky chilli con carne. And then there's the rest of our regular treats, like cheesy bacon French bread, brownies, bean dip, teriyaki beef skewers, smoked devilled eggs, and taco cheesecake. 

What? Yo…

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