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Garden Planning, Crop Rotation and Seed Selection

When we get into the thick of February, I'm always starting to get a little desperate for Spring. 

I am so tired of the cold days and dark nights, though I'm thankful at least that the days are growing gradually longer. The snow is piled in huge drifts well past my knees, I haven't gone on a good outdoor hike in weeks, and even though there's a lot of sunshine in our winters (thank God), I'm still craving heat, green, growing things, and the unimpeded outdoor movement that summer brings. In plain English: I want to be able to go outside without putting on extra clothing.

The natural response to this usual depression is to start planning our beautiful and happy gardens for the summer. When you can't live in your reality, project your future reality! We can look forward to an orchard, two flower gardens and (thus far) three vegetable gardens... with more in the works this year. One of the veggie gardens is the main one, and full of all the goodness to feed our fami…

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