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Blessings and Challenges (Joan, Part I)

I've been gone for a long time. There is so much to write. It's one of those situations where you have so much to say that you say nothing for a really long time, because you want it to be Right.... and that can be paralyzing.   This was going to be an entirely different post, before. This was - a while back - going to be a post about eating a modified Paleo/Keto diet and having unexpected health benefits as a side-effect. I had it drafted. But it's not that. And it's going to be long. You've been forewarned.  Seriously, you don't have to read this. You can just ignore this and wait for my next, more homestead-y post.  NOTE: If you'd like to jump to a list of ways you can help families in situations like ours, click here .  Still here? Ok. Welcome. Please join me on a journey back. I always wanted a big family. As the eldest of 6, I felt like 6 or 7 kids would be just perfect. And to my mind, there would really be no reason that would not happen. I’m the

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