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Wildhaven Hills

We've been working on something exciting... an evolution of ideas and passions into one cohesive focal point. In 2015, we named our home Wildhaven Hills, after more than a decade of simply calling it 'home'. It wasn't a large farm, but the 30-acre homestead was our haven  of wild space, nestled into rolling hills, allowed to grow into itself from the moment we moved in, January 2004.  In January 2016, we hosted a young midwestern American friend for that glorious quiet time between Christmas and back-to-work. As is our habit, we made some fun and fancy food, spent time outside in the novel winter, and integrated her into our greater family. One afternoon, my cousin (18 years my junior) came for tea to visit this mutual friend, taking advantage of the rare opportunity while they were in the same country.  While they had tea, I was straining and pressure-canning bone broth , making bread and prepping some of the supper elements. They kindly had tea at the kitchen counter

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