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Two weeks

 This was originally a Facebook post from November 9, 2019. Joan was two and a half weeks old.  I share this now in the hopes that someone experiencing the same thing will feel seen, supported and uplifted. Joan is now a happy and healthy 3 year old girl.  --- Yesterday was a hard day. It was hard for Joan, and hard for her mama. I woke up as usual, worked for a bit and then got myself ready for the day. I headed to the NICU from my boarder room at about 8:45. It’s a long walk and a bit of a maze, but I can do it in my sleep now. I smiled hellos to the familiar front desk staff, janitor and charge nurse and then entered Pod C to kiss my baby girl. I stopped dead in my tracks. My little girl had been intubated. They were supposed to call me if there were any changes to her condition. I was totally speechless. Her day nurse came up beside me and asked, “Did you get our message?“ I had not. “That’s odd,” she said. “We left a message for you. We tried calling a couple of times but no one a

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