How Can I Keep from Singing?

Music moves me.

A year ago, my classical women's choir performed a concert entitled "Light, Love & Lullabies". We performed a few pieces that moved me so much I could barely sing them. I was so happy to have my husband and children in the audience, but when we began the opening strains of "Seal Lullaby" and I looked out at my children, my throat constricted and I was filled to the brim with emotion. I saw the sweet faces of my babies, all four of them, and remembered holding and rocking each one as an infant. They grow so quickly. The room was electric. I got past my tears and then sang with radiant joy. I guess you could say I was filled with lullabies, love and light...

I'm very happy that my choir recorded a CD last year, one which will feature my favourite lullabies and love songs from the season. I'll tell you more about that this summer when we are all done with recording and producing. Great music is meant to be shared. [Edit: Click here to hear the whole album!]

So, while I'm sharing, I'm going to share a HUGE excitement that has me giddy!

I'm feeling so incredibly lucky - privileged to no end. 

A little while ago, the director of my women's choir, Jolaine Kerley, mentioned that she had been invited to solo Bevan's Passion Oratorio, Nou Goth Sonne Under Wode, with Dr. Richard Sparks conducting. Jolaine was the soloist for the world premiere of the piece some 11 years ago. This lady is an incredibly talented soprano and a sought-after soloist, so we were all very thrilled for her, but not too surprised.

Where is this prestigious concert?

None other than Carnegie Hall, New York.

So then, the part that took me by surprise - Jolaine invited some of us to consider auditioning or getting involved with another attending choir. Our choir didn't audition, but I jumped at the opportunity. 

I am so thankful that a ripple effect of knowing someone as talented as Jolaine means that I am able to sing in the mixed chorus that will be supporting her solo. 

My friend Amanda is flying from San Francisco to meet me, we're going to take NYC by storm, and then I get to sing in Carnegie Hall! Life is good!

Here's information on the concert, which is next Monday, March 7.

Celebrating over a bottle of Prosecco with my husband.